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    Date: 06-02-2018

    Family meals will make less attractive if your rice cooker was alive, pasty, complicated. Many choose instead of "Fire" is the new rice cooker to cook again. But like it would be a waste but a loss of influence to cause discomfort meals for family members. Therefore, today we will show you some tips to cure living rice, dough, tasty rice slot.

    1. Relieve rice complicated

    Method 1: For a bowl of cold water placed in the cooker, press down so that the water bowl bowl of rice in the pot with new levels. Then, cover the pot again, after 2 minutes opened the pot, your cooker will all smell complicated.

    Method 2: Get the first part scallions, cut into pieces, inserted through the upper surface of the rice, then cover again, after 3 minutes to open the pot, the smell of rice complicated will be no more.

    Method 3: You get a clean towel, covering her rice cooker, then the charcoal on top. Then sealed pot, about 15 to 20 minutes after the open rice cooker, charcoal will absorb any smell of rice complicated.

    Option 4: As soon as the smell of rice complicated, you should pull the plug, or if the wood stove cooking off the heat immediately, then put into the pot rice crust of bread pieces and then cover the rice cooker. After about 5 minutes, open the rice cooker, the smell of rice will be complicated crust of bread sucked.

    Method 5: In case you're hiking, picnic, you should use this method. You give a lump coals of fire into the bowl, put in the rice cooker, then sealed region, about 10 minutes later, you will see coal sucked smell khê of rice, now you remember bowl of charcoal and hoeing rice nhé .

    Method 6: How to do this you should perform when the rice cooker is complicated too heavy, you just dig all the rice is not complicated, for in a different pot. Then bring the rice cooker pot soaked in water complicated, so place them near the wells or cool place to smell prone complicated air sucked away. After about 10 minutes the smell will no longer complicated, however, the rice cooker will cool down a little compared to the beginning. The way out will help you somewhat in crisis situations need to be complicated salvage cooker. Particularly when hiking, camping, picnic will be extremely useful. If unfortunately your cooker is complicated, try performing the above way slightly.

    2. Hard Rice

    When rice becomes dry dehydrated you just use a pair of chopsticks poked between the cooker, then pour a little hot water and then continue cooking as normal again. Avoid opening the region much evaporate the water inside.

    Rice lives fighting tips, pasty, a delicious rice complicated

    3. Rice pasty

    Many women think that they can live rice curable but if rice was pasty, how could handle. Unveiled tell you is just for a few pieces of bread placed on the intestinal surface of the rice, keep the lid to steam not venture remains inside. Do once you will see the situation was alleviated much dough.

    4. Rice lived

    If unfortunately cooker was true to life you just loosened and then transferred to a rice cooker other cooker. Next use a little white spirit sprinkled on very small fire and heat, just a little later alcohol will evaporated and the rice is cooked evenly.

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