• Just wash your face with rice water, radiant skin like baby

    Date: 03-02-2018

    Domestic rice contains Vitamin B5 is very beneficial for the skin, so you can use rice water wash or bath often to prevent aging and help the skin becomes red and white smooth as baby skin. We will guide you how to use rice water the right way to have glowing skin as smooth as a baby.

    Just wash your face with rice water, radiant skin like baby

    How to obtain rice water

    While washing rice, wash the rice into the water you pass away and left the country 1. Start refill the rice and wash next, 2nd decant the water and set aside. With water Reassigned you refrigerate for about 4-5 hours, decant the water milky settling at the bottom, then can share it in water milky cleanser. You can use it until the next day. You should also note that no rice water for too long, it will cause the rice water is acidic and not good for the skin.

    Daily cleanser whitening

    You can wash your face with rice water daily, this approach helps improve your skin white and visible.

    You just use rice water to wash your face 2 times a day morning, evening, when washing can combine massage, patted his face, done regularly every day will help you stay confident with light skin more beautiful, rosier, lush vitality than jog!

    Just wash your face with rice water, light skin smooth like baby

    Helps tighten pores

    skin with large pores will take aesthetics and create conditions for bacteria reside, you can use rice water , for on each tray as small stones, to freeze thoroughly, then use each stone is made from rice water gently massage the skin with large pores regularly every day and then wash your face with warm water, the effect of water vo rice and cold, warm effect to the skin surface, the agent helps tighten the pores of your skin very effectively there!

    Acne, eliminating bruises

    Wash your face and use class rice starch in the rice water gently on the skin in the direction of the circle to the end, to dry naturally, then hand brushed lightly, then wash your face with warm water, a towel and blot dry . Perform regular 2 times / 1 week would work deep cleansing the skin inside the pores, help the bruises fade and disappear, and effective acne treatment is extremely gentle but effective.

    According to New Report

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