Return and change policy
  • Gao Viet always respects the trust and support of customers when buying our product at Gaovietco.com. Therefore, we are always trying to improve the best service to meet the customers’ needs. With the motto of Willing to bring to the customers of the best quality product. We hope that customers will really feel secure when using Gao Viet’s product.

    * Notes when receiving goods:

    In order for us to giving the best service to our customers, please check the following information on shipping (before signing the receipt and payment for delivery staff) .

    - Quantity

    - Product Catalog

    - Rice is secured as originally a vacuum of the product.

    - Product information, customer information (Comparing to information on delivery notes).

    However, for customers to comfort purchasing and experience the service in Gaovietco.com, we built our refund and change policies to protect the rights of consumers and to engage with customers on our service and product’s quality.

    For more information about refund and change policy, Customers can visit our website: http://gaovietco.com.

    1. The time for changes

    - Please send information about exchange goods within 7 days from the date of purchase to our Hotline: 0943 457 457, website: gaovietco.com or email: sale@gaovietco.com.

    - The customer care department will conduct product refunding customers within 5-7 working days as soon as they received the information.

    2. Conditions of refund

    - The faulty made by the manufacturer.

    - The incorrect types and designs as ordered by the customer.

    - The incorrect in quantity derived as in the order.

    - The external situation affected such as: packaging tearing, peeling, deflated,...

    - Item overdue used.

    3. How to change goods

    - Contact us directly to the store that you buy the product or customer service hotline within 7 days from the date of purchase.

    - The two parties examined, verified product defect.

    - The customer care department will conduct product refunding customers within 5-7 working days.

    - Customer Care Hotline: 0943 457 457 - Email: sales@gaovietco.com - Website: gaovietco.com

    4. Changing cost

    - This cost is absolutely FREE when purchased in Gao Viet. However, in some cases customers want to change for any subjective reasons (in exchange for other product categories ...), customer please bear shipping fees (if in case shipping Gao Viet converted warehouse).

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