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  • Difficult to build a brand of organic rice substandard

    Date: 13-03-2018

    Is considered the product safe and suitable for the market trend today, however, the production of organic rice in the town of Dien Ban, Quang Nam is facing many difficulties due to lack of documents on recognition of MARD.

    Difficult to build a brand of organic rice substandard

    Benefits worlds

    Nguyen Phuoc Thien (1 studio village, Dien Tho commune, Dien Ban towns) is the first and only Quang Nam associated with implementing the model farmers growing organic rice. 5-2017 month he grows organic rice in an area of ​​3ha in rural fields Dong Hoa, Dien Tho. Shown to be effective, the spring and summer this year he continued to associate with 130 households to expand to more than 20ha area. The production process uses only organic rice organic fertilizer refined (nutrients from silt loam, the microorganisms without using chemicals).

    "We associate with people under a closed chain to work together, and profit. Specifically, they provide similar organizations transplanters, when pests are supporting biological pesticides. People only care fertilizing, harvesting rice according to its processes, the company will purchase paddy at rice drying, processing, packaging marketed. With this model, farmers can only benefit. First, they have money from leasing land and do business, buying paddy prices now 1.5 times higher than the highest price of ordinary rice, "Mr. Good said.

    According to Nguyen Thi Phong (Dong Hoa village, Dien Tho), compared with conventional rice, organic rice despite lower yield (70% -80%) but in return, the high price people excited.

    "Merely not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers fertilize their rice also alright, because it's good for the environment and human health cultivation. Another advantage is the company purchasing paddy at rice harvest, you do not have to spend the drying expenses at all ... Not to mention, if her to this rice to eat and peace of mind and safety to health than " Ms. Feng said.

    Difficult to build a brand of organic rice substandard

    Production of organic rice to help farmers reduce exposure to feces, toxic drugs

    Concurred opinions on Mr. Mai Phuoc Minh Village of Dong Hoa, said that although initially a little surprise by how other farming generally, is not using distributed medicines, but after the first harvest show effectiveness, particularly particularly companies buy higher priced rice normal, organic fertilizer price is also cheaper, less time fertilizer (30kg fertilizer 2 times per season), should support model.

    Mr. Minh added: "I think this is a good model for many parties. In particular, farmers will limit exposure to hazardous drug distribution, consumers are eating rice products safely. Not to mention, in the long run when the organic rice brand and market acceptance of better output, farmers we will also benefit. "

    Arduous organic rice

    To mobilize people to join in planting organic rice, Mr. Thien almost consume everything, including investment varieties, provide fertilizer, medicine, training, guiding people manufacturing process ..., the average per hectare organic rice farming investment amount of 40 million. However, organic sales prices not higher than ordinary rice market due to unfamiliar, especially when organic rice has not been the professional body for certification. In addition, the process of land lease difficulties also make a production model as arduous.

    Still, he decided to pursue astronomical model, because he believes in the future of organic rice products will have a foothold in the market, even the price will be very high compared to conventional rice.

    "The farmers lease land from being hindered by the provisions of the law should be associated with them and produce, but this may lead to risks. Not to mention, in order to meet the requirements as organic rice, the piece of land must take time to clarify about 2 years residues of chemical fertilizers, pesticides still in the land of the previous season. However, there are obstacles when farmers several cases, see rice unlike normal development, or barren, low productivity due to improper farming processes should give up halfway. At that time the model is difficult to maintain, because on a rice area has a field of organic fertilizer chemical pesticides will affect the surrounding crowd organic rice, "said Shan analysis.

    Le Huu Ai, CPC Chairman Dien Tho model of organic rice cultivation very good and promising, so communes have always supported and facilitated enterprise. This model is also consistent with the policy of the communes and towns in Dien Ban, is restructuring the agricultural sector, in which the land consolidation and refurbishment of the field, the application of mechanization, bringing scientific advances into field is a priority. In particular, the introduction of new crops, quality seeds, high production efficiency investment in production is true to the spirit of the proposal.

    Mr. Ai said: "The view of the commune is supporting this model, because it gives benefits to people, including the leasing of land, if people deem ensure economic terms would be consistent with the enterprise and communes will also support and create favorable conditions ".

    Nguyen Duc Player, Head of Economics town of Dien Ban, said that this is the model of organic rice production first in Quang Nam, Da Nang. However, the hard part is now the MARD is not promulgated regulations how organic production, organic or direction, including the provinces, too.

    "If anything the town also confirmed that this is a production model towards organic, not injected, do not use chemical fertilizers. If Nguyen Phuoc Thien confirm towards organic products, the room will advise the town People's Committee of Dien Ban confirmed for easy consumption products to market, "said Nguyen Duc Play.

    Mr. Nguyen Van Tan, Department Chief of Horticulture and Plant Protection in Quang Nam province, said that so far the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has no regulations on standards of organic products to department can not issue certificates . Thus, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thien proposed move to production oriented towards safe VietGap or to be certificated.

    According SGGP

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