• Benefits from brown rice milk and milk making delicious nutritious brown rice

    Date: 26-01-2018

    According to a study carried goods from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, brown rice is very good foods for health. Brown rice can be processed into many items such as rice, tea, mineral water, noodles, noodle soup and brown rice milk especially. Today, we will tell you the formula for a delicious beverages made from extremely nutritious rice them!

    Benefits from brown rice milk and milk making delicious nutritious brown rice

    benefits that brings brown rice milk is what?

    Milk brown rice has a lot of use as: Helps purify the body, beautiful skin, reverse the aging and cooling the body ... In Korea, China, milk, brown rice is a nutritious drink is used quite popular.

    Some scientific studies that "brown rice and milk brown rice is a drink containing nutrients capable of preventing and treating many different diseases such as heart disease, asthma, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, prevent blood vessel blockage, ... in addition, it also has some useful beauty accessories are a lot of women loved. Brown rice milk is an indispensable ingredient in the process of weight loss and skin care every day with abundant vitamin helps smooth skin tension always full of life, prevent skin aging in older women.

    How to make brown rice milk

    Preparation: Brown rice: 100g, fresh milk without sugar: 2 small boxes, water: 1 liter, sugar candy: 100g (or maybe, depending on your preference). Brown rice milk cookware: cookware, blenders, filter bag, pan.

    Purchase of clean brown rice husk picked and ready to clean dirt. Next, pour the rice into the pan, roast with low heat until rice begins aromatic flavor, grain shiny and have approximately 20% of the grain was hatched as you turn off the stove. So, you're done roasted brown rice dishes.

    After the roast is done, you take your brown rice and 300ml water in a blender and puree truth. Then you use the sieve, sieve and must squeeze filter through to the real aggressive brown rice powder in the end.

    Continue for the remaining 700ml water into the pot, fresh milk without sugar and sugar candy to bring to the boil. Then you make the water filter in the brown rice was cooked. Cook for approximately 5-10 minutes is given. Note fire watch if no milk will be spilled outside.

    After the cooking is done, you pick up the pot down, wait for cold milk and prepare containers for storage in the refrigerator compartment cool. Brown rice milk can be used within 3-4 days.

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