Ngoc An white rice
  • Ngoc An organic white rice

      Products code: AO133
    • Price: 50,000 VNĐ

    • Ngoc An organic white rice is almost 9 mm long, after cooked, the rice has a specific natural aroma, soft and lightly sweet. This type of rice content high protein and help feeling full without eating too much rice, especially for anti-diabetes.

    Ngoc An organic rice is produced in a closed process which is compliant with American organic standard. There is not the requirement for soaking but the rice still very soft and delicious even when the rice goes cool.

    - Type of rice: Breeds between BVN and OM4900

    - Source: JSC Southern Rice Crops

    - Growing time: 90-95 days

    - Characteristic: Rice with natural fragrance, long grain, not chalky, plastic and lightly sweet tastes

    Nutrition facts

    - Total Fat: 0.94 g

    - Saturated Fat: 0.61 g

    - Trans Fat: 0 g

    - Cholesterol: 0 mg

    - Sodium: 0 mg

    - Potassium: 35 mg

    - Total Carbohydrade: 79.4 g

    - Dietary Fiber: 4.56 g

    - Protein: 7.0 g

    - Sugar: 0 g

    - Vitamin A: 0 IU

    - Viatmin C: 0 mg

    - Calcium: 6.3 mg

    - Iron: 0 mg


    • Cardiovascular support and keep maintain the blood glucose.
    • Helps stabilize blood pressure.
    • Development of muscle and strengthen bone density.
    • Help children to accelerate growth.
    • Production of blood cells.
    • Digestive Support.

    How to use

    • Get rice into the pot, wash with clean water.
    • Ratio of the rice and water 1: 1.1 to 1.2.
    • Few drops of olive or sea salt for better taste.
    • Keep in the cool place, sealed after opening.

    Main characteristics

    - Name of product: Ngoc An White rice - 1kg

    - Product dimensions: 20 x 11 x 5,5 cm

    - Weight: 01 kg

    - Reference: Gao Viet company's products

    -Distribution: Distributed to domestic supermarkets, Organic agent and exportation.

    -Suitable age: Everyone 

    -Change: Within 7 days

    -Storage: In dry cool place and avoid direct sunlight

    - Storage: Store in dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight

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