Thao Duoc brown rice
  • Thao duoc Organic Brown Rice

      Products code: AO133
    • Price: 154,000 VNĐ

    • Thao duoc brown rice is the most senior product from Orgagro which helps in preventing many diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancer, detoxify the body. In additional, Thao Duoc organic brown rice also create youthful skin, anti-ageing, suitable with the weakness, rickets, lack of nutrients people.

    Thao Duoc organic brown rice is produced in a closed process with American organic standard. There is not the requirement for soaking but the rice is still very soft and delicious even when it goes cool.

    - Type of rice: Thao Duoc brown rice

    - Source: Ninh Binh province

    - Growing time: 95- 100 days

    - Characteristics: Rice with natural smell (smelling of Pandan leave), brownish yellow, blooming, soft like white rice and natural sweet taste

    Nutrition facts

    - Total Fat: 2.75 g

    - Saturated Fat: 0.87 g

    - Trans Fat: 0 g

    - Cholesterol: 0 mg

    - Sodium: 0 mg

    - Potassium: 272 mg

    - Total Carbohydrade: 78.8 g

    - Dietary Fiber: 6.13 g

    - Protein: 6.07 g

    - Sugar: 0 g

    - Vitamin A: 0 IU

    - Viatmin C: 0 mg

    -  Omega 3: 0.07 g

    - Omega 6: 0.08 g

    - Omega 9: 0.93 g

    - Calcium: 10 mg

    - Iron: 0 mg

    - Canxi (Ca): 9.8 g


    • More than 120 antioxidants, anti-cancer
    • Adjust blood glucose levels for people with diabetes
    • Reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease
    • Boost immune system to prevent degenerative diseases
    • Improve the digestive system, avoiding the phenomenon of diarrhea, constipation ...
    • Helps in losing weight for people with obesity
    • Detoxify the body, well protects the liver

    How to use

    • Get rice into the pot, wash with clean water
    • Soak within 10-15 minutes
    • Ratio of the rice and water 1: 1.5 to 1.7 cups.
    • Few drops of olive or sea salt for better taste
    • Keep in the cool place, sealed after opening

    Main characteristics

    • Name of product: Thao Duoc Organic brown rice - 2kg
    • Product dimensions: 19,6 x 11,4 x 6 cm
    • Weight: 01 kg
    • Reference: Gao Viet company's products
    • Distribution: Distributed to domestic supermarkets, Organic agent and exportation.
    • Suitable age: Everyone
    • Storage: In dry cool place and avoid direct sunlight
    • Change: Within 7 days
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  • Thao duoc Organic Brown Rice

    Price: 154,000 VNĐ

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