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  • Turkey - Paradise organic agriculture

    Date: 02-04-2018

    Market of organic products is growing around the world and Turkey is a paradise for this kind of product this clean. "

    Turkey - Paradise organic agriculture.

    That are the words of the head of the Union of Turkish agricultural room (TZOB) Şemsi Bayraktar released on 25-2. "organic agriculture market in 1999 reached US $ 15.2 billion and amounted to 89.7 billion dollars globally. Turkey is a paradise for organic agriculture and we have the potential for large profits "- Mr. Bayraktar said. He also stressed the need to have the right policies to promote this sector in the country

    We have 2.7 million people working in the field of organic farming on a total area of 57.8 million hectares in area 178 countries

    Citing data from the Research Foundation of organic agriculture and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement, Mr. Bayraktar said there are 2.7 million people working in the field of organic farming on a total area of ​​57 , 8 million hectares in 178 countries. The US is the leading country in this market with 43.1 billion dollars, followed by Germany and France. Turkey has also achieved positive results in this area, the area of ​​organic agriculture in Turkey has increased from 6,800 hectares in 1996 to 524,000 hectares in 2016. There are 69,000 people in Turkey participate in organic farming, in which the Eastern Anatolia region is regarded as a paradise for organic agriculture. "In 1996, only 8 organic products produced in Turkey, now up to 238. Initially, we focused on the cumulative force of the Aegean region, but this activity has quickly spread throughout the country"


    Besides farming, the livestock sector is growing well organically in Turkey. There are 207 farmers in the country engaged in the field of organic farming and 640 blankets beekeepers produce nearly 350 tons of organic honey to date. Support total force and the encouragement of the capital Ankara for organic agriculture, which is one of the biggest causes for the development, need to be maintained and strengthened in order to promote this sector, according to the press his strong Bayraktar.

    The organic agricultural activities of Turkey mainly for export, including the dry goods products lead the list. "We need to increase the number of export products, but also need to ensure the export of high-value products," - he Bayrakta statement.

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