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    Orgagro organic rice system were present at Lotte Mart
    Date: 10-04-2018

    Currently, Lotte Mart is a channel of distribution of the largest and most popular, customers will be delight to buy cheap products, gifts with the purchase of products and voucher promotion terrible and especially freedom to choose the product line of organic rice Orgagro are storming the market.

    Organic agriculture is not only clean
    Date: 15-03-2018

    In the context of the environment is increasingly serious threat, organic agriculture has proven to be useful solutions for the power steering contributes to human health of the planet and sustainable alternative to conventional farming.

    Organic goods never good, cheap?
    Date: 15-03-2018

    Organic goods never good, cheap? It's a very difficult problem that consumers make when using organic products. Organic food is indeed very expensive families with ordinary income, only higher-income families can afford the cost to buy organic items used daily. But if a healthy competition will bring prices down organic foods suitable for real value and affordable than consumers.

    How can choose the right organic rice?
    Date: 15-01-2018

    Many kinds of organic rice sold on the market at present, but most of it is "self styled" organic rice. Even, some enterprises deliberately confused consumers "talk ambiguously.".

    For a tasty rice grain "strict standards"
    Date: 09-01-2018

    Opting for a delicious rice, worth the money, now that many sisters housewife headache. Footsteps numerous markets, supermarkets or to store rice, listening to the advice of sellers, consumers just as mired in "Matrix" brand rice, prices in panic and of course also "Rooftop gold lower bran "in quality.

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