Why should you choose Gao Viet’s products?
  • Orgagro Organic rice is the optimal product support for the health of Vietnam people. Among organic rice brands appeared in the market, Orgagro organic rice is constant research and continuously improve our product in order to meet the quality and best suit for each of Vietnamese taste.

    High value products

    Why should you choose Gao Viet’s products?

    Gao Viet’s products are superior quality not only nutritional ingredients but also product vacuum packaging. The products are packed by the recycled paper box of 1kg and 2kg, with an identification system for each product line.

    Nguyen Son Tien - CEO of the company pledged: "We will always put the interests of customers on top, Gao Viet take 5 indicators as our slogan: continuous improvement products, innovative design, health and safety, environmental friendliness and service development to the meet the needs of customers. ".

    Currently, Gao Viet Co.’s product of includes: Ngoc An White rice, Jasmine White rice, Phu Quy White rice, Japonica Japanese rice, White Jasmine brown rice, Thao Duoc brown rice and Lai tim brown rice, etc. Each of those product has different nutritional characteristics would match customer’s need.

    Fast delivery

    Why should you choose Gao Viet’s products?

    Gao Viet committed the delivery schedules and quality of product to consumers. With a team of dedicated customer service and cheerful, thoughtful and careful delivery staffs, Gao Viet believes customer will satisfy with our delivery service.

    For provinces orders, Gao Viet will send product by post (according to geographical distance and weight of the product) via delivery partners City Post, PCS - Newpost.

    Services – after sale services

    Why should you choose Gao Viet’s products?

    The satisfaction of customers is one of the top priorities of Gao Viet Co. Our staff is always ready to support the customers on how to cook a perfect port of Orgagro organic rice, exchange and replace the defective products (7 days for retail customers, 30 days for agents) etc.

    Gao Viet also has programs dedicated support for agents at all levels as well as promotions are held regularly and continuously.

    Customer care

    Why should you choose Gao Viet’s products?

    With our network of customer care across the country, we can support maximum customer at anytime, anywhere. All you need is just a phone call.

    Customer care staffs from Gao Viet always polite, soft-spoken, especially always shown respect to the customer. We always listen to feedback and resolve problems from customers. The contribution and recommends from customers is our motivation to go further in the future.

    Quality of outstanding products, fast delivery, after-sales service, customer care, Gao Viet has been being a manufacturer, distributor of organic rice for many partners, customers in Vietnam and establishing distribution networks in markets such as Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Brunei, etc.

    For further information, please contact the hotline: 0943 457 457 or email: sales@gaovietco.com

    Selling products

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