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    Date: 13-04-2018

    China access "history" fruit Vietnam but Vietnam difficult traceability of fruit from this country.

    After the traceability and origin many agricultural commodities in Vietnam (Vietnam), recently the Ministry of Industry and Trade said from day 1-4, fruit (dragon fruit, mango , longan, durian, banana ...) from Vietnam to China (China) will be traceable. Specifically, the information should have shipment from Vietnam to China include: Name of fruits, roots, origin, name or code number of the factory packaged in Chinese or English, ...

    Conversely now China does not source vegetable origin is still being sold in the market is widespread in Vietnam.

    Chinese Vegetables living "in the shadow"

    Investigation in the supermarkets and retail markets in HCM we found no shadow of Chinese vegetables. Ms. Thuy Hien, housing Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, said the traders in the market are often imported apples, grapes from China wholesale market but the sale are advertised as American goods. This makes buyers confused, do not assume you know what is true, where is the line quality assurance.

    "I know that China has traceability vegetables our country, so we should also ask the same to them. Ie fruits, vegetables China in our country must also clear traceability. They want people they are eating clean, safe, then I'll do the same to protect its citizens "- Hien said.

    Representatives of agricultural products wholesale market in Thu Duc (City) or vegetable origin from China market accounts for 10% of total import markets, even more. Of which most are citrus fruits, apples, pears, grapes, pomegranates, red, garlic, onions ... However, the Chinese agricultural products traders often buy on sale in the retail market, spontaneously, sidewalk ... without labels.

    Notable fruits from European countries, mainly the United States import quota in Vietnam should have full traceability documentation, quality control. The biggest worry is still the Chinese fruit quota for the import quota is much less that it is difficult to control the quality.

    "So, we have tight control of agricultural inputs China by traceability and origin from the gate. Simultaneously published information on vegetables, fruits Chinese found to contain toxic substances so that consumers know "- representatives of agricultural products wholesale market in Thu Duc proposal.

    Same view, Mr. Dinh Van Huong, president of the Association Vegetables Vietnam (Vina Fruit), said vegetables China also land live by penetrating more into Vietnam through quota without management or using either hiding glossy fruit imported from America, Australia, New Zealand. Even recently many fruits China disguised domestic fruits of the same kind, which looks similar characteristics, typically mango, pink, carrots.

    "Currently the amount of fruit and vegetables imported from China into Vietnam, when distributing the single market to consumers and lax management, not control. Therefore there must be provisions requiring the importer and trading of Vietnam labeling the source and origin vegetable when marketed to protect the safety of food for consumers "- he Huong to speak.

    Currently mango, rambutan, breast milk ... Vietnam exported to countries very difficult. Not to mention the importer to make garden view material area, must meet international standards GlobalG.AP new. Even China, a market that has long been quite easy now also require fruit Vietnam must originate and origin.

    Commenting on the move this new China, Nguyen Lam Vien, CEO Vinamit said that China traceability Vietnamese agricultural products in the long term will be good for the market, limiting traders China to Vietnam to buy agricultural products without any identification, do not adhere to the laws of our country. This is also the technical barriers to limit self-tung Chinese traders themselves that the main Vietnam authorities did not prevent them.

    However, to ensure food safety and to be fair with Vietnam goods, we should also have similar requirements for products imported from China. Which include standards for production processes, processing and packaging

    "The requirements are traceability for imported Chinese goods while ensuring fairness for the business and also the solution to the consumer peace of mind to use. It also helps us prevent goods China toxic "- general manager Vinamit mentioned viewpoint

    Replies press related issues, Mr Hoang Trung, director of the Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development , that the application of traceability of fruit is necessary to ensure the quality and safety of export resources, and prestige for the country of export. This is a stepping stone for Vietnam's products can gradually expand access to difficult markets.

    However, in Vietnam the technical steps in the quality control of fruit including from planting and tending to harvesting, storage ... still not been finalized. This is also one of the main reasons why Vietnam can not request to retrieve the fruit originated from China entering Vietnam.

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