The area of Gao Viet’s organic rice growing

GAO VIET IMPORT EXPORT TRADING PRODUCE J.S.C is one of the pioneers in the field of organic rice production and distribution in Vietnam. With the mission for the health of consumers, Gao Viet wish to bring to consumers safety, flavorful, high nutritional value as well as environmental protection.

In order to producing organic rice, the company has complied with a closed production process in accordance with US standards on methods of cultivation and packaging completely organic products. Moreover, the cultivation area is very important in producing organic rice in accordance with US standards.


By investigating and researching, Gao Viet has chosen the following three areas to produce organic rice and expand the cultivated area.

Farmland in Long An province

- Address: Tuyen Binh commune, Vinh Hung District, Long An province

- Area: The total production field area in this area is estimated 20 ha in 2011; 50 hectares in 2012; 80 hectares in 2013 and 2014; 120 hectares in 2015 and 2016; 142 hectares in 2017 and 2018.

This place has a system of rivers, canals, fertile sediment and is located in the region of tropical monsoon climate near the equator with rich moist heat, sunny sunshine is very suitable for production of organic rice.

The company has built a system of irrigation ditches to ensure irrigation and drainage for each stage of growth of rice and more importantly not polluted by chemical agents. Irrigation in the field of organic Vietnamese rice is treated, filtering toxic substances, alkalis, chemicals or toxic waste. This water source is mainly from nature to ensure the taste of rice. The company only uses the organic rice varieties certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development standards. The company also use organic fertilizer produced by the company in accordance with US standards.


Recently, the company is growing organic rice with an area of over 142 hectares, mainly Herbal Brown, Lai Tim Brown, Japonica, Ngoc An, Phu Quy and Jasmine rice. Besides, there are some products such as Ngoc An and Jasmine are transited to become organic products.

After 6 years of persistently fulfilling the requirements of Control Union, a number of company’s products which are grown in Long An province were certificated as organic products in October 06, 2017 by United State Department of Agricuture (USDA).


Farmland in Binh Thuan province

- Address: Duc Phu commune, Tanh Linh district, Binh Thuan province

- Area: 50 hectares located in the valley of the river La Nga.


- This area has good soil, favorable climate, and abundant source of unpolluted water for irrigation. Phu Quy and Ngoc An rice are growing in here because these two types are suitable for soil, land and sunshine of this area.

Farmland in Dong Thap province

- Address: Tan Cong Sinh commune, Tam Nong district, Dong Thap province

- Area: 100 hectares.

- This is the area with the abundance of fresh water source over the year and not be salty, rich fertile alluvium.

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